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Coronet Single Shortbread Fingers

  • Product code 06955C
  • Pack size 240 x 20g
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  • Ingredients
    Wheat Flour, Butter (32%), Sugar, Salt, Raising Agent (Ammonium Bicarbonate).
  • Cooking instructions
    Baking instructions
    Not required
    Boiling instructions
    Not required
    Deep fry instructions
    not required
    Grilling instructions
    not required
    Microwave instructions
    not required
    Pan fry instructions
    not required
    Roasting instructions
    not required
    Simmering instructions
    not required
    Steaming instructions
    not required
  • Dietary advice
    No Organic certificate
    Conts. celery
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. gluten
    Conts. crustacea
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. eggs
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. fish
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. lupin
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. milk
    Conts. mollusc
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. mustard
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. peanut
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. sesame seed
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. soybean
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. sulphurs
    Does Not Contain
    Conts. tree nuts
    May Contain
    Conts. GM material
    Does Not Contain
  • Nutritional info
    518Kcal per 100g/ml
    5.5g per 100g/ml
    61.5g per 100g/ml
    28.4g per 100g/ml
       of which Sugars
    14.4g per 100g/ml
       of which Saturated
    18.5g per 100g/ml
    300mg per 100g/ml

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